Services & Programs

Survivor Advocate Program​

Our Abused Victims/Survivors Program offers advocacy services for emotional support, victims’ right information, provide our internal resources as well as locating external resources from partnering agencies and organizations. Upon request, we accompany our clients to court proceedings and hospital visits, as well as coordinating with court victims advocates to initiate a protective order request. Our clothes closet provides domestic violence and/or sexual violence survivors and their children access to clothing. Open Mondays and Wednesdays, 10am – 4pm or call for an appointment 803-727-6971

Our support group meetings provide our clients with the opportunity to share their experiences, feelings, and coping strategies with people that have experienced the same or similar trauma. All support group meetings are confidential.

Meetings are held 1st and 3rd Thursday of each Month.

Our services are designed to assist abused women in the midst of their storm. We are equipped and trained to provide you with the resources to gain your independence and control of your life. Our services are free to all abused/survivors in the Richland County.

Community Outreach Program​

Restoration & Purpose Community Outreach Program plays an important role in improving and extending service through different outreach activities, such as (1) a community task force that addresses public health issues in the Richland County community.

The task force consist of a diverse of subject matter experts that formulate discussions about current issues and develop strategies and solutions; (2) training programs that provide educational awareness and prevention measures pertaining to public health issues; and (3) collaboration and partnership within the community such as the faith-based community and local high schools to develop internal programs and participate in community service projects.

These activities can directly and indirectly improve public health outcomes of Richland County individuals and community.

Homeless Veterans Program​

Restoration & Purpose Homeless Veteran Program serves as a resource to homeless veterans. We act as a liaison between the homeless veteran and the Veterans Affairs Office in assisting with applying for VA benefits and a residence. We provide resume assistance to homeless veterans seeking employment. We have a computer lab for homeless veterans to apply for different services. All our homeless population have access to our clothes closet. Our goal is to reintegrate our veterans into society that they have spent tireless years protecting and defending for our freedom. We will provide our veterans the opportunity to eat, live, and receive the same benefits they have defended.
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