Scholarship Info 2021


Purpose: Our mission is to empower abused women to become survivors through resources such as advocacy, clothes closet, and support group meetings. We strive to reduce domestic violence through awareness training.

Award Components: Restoration & Purpose for Women, Inc will provide one domestic violence survivor recipient with a $500.00 scholarship towards her/his college education.

Award Impact: Restoration & Purpose for Women, Inc. will provide one domestic violence survivor with a $500.00 scholarship towards her/his college tuition. The scholarship will assist the recipient in empowering and expanding her/his knowledge and become a positive role model.

1. DEADLINE for scholarship applications is October 1, 2021. The application must be postmarked NLT October 1, 2021. (No exceptions)

2. Refer to the criteria below for eligibility requirements. Refer to the application process below for a list of supporting documents needed. Incomplete applications will not be process for consideration.

3. Type or print legibly. You may also download a copy of the application online:

4. Restoration & Purpose for Women, Inc. will notify the winner by phone on or before October 16, 2021. You can also check the award status and winner on our website at

5. If you have any questions about the application process, please email Restoration & Purpose for Women, Inc. at

Award Criteria

A. Applicant must be a survivor of domestic violence. Submission of verification form from a Victim Service Provider/Agency that domestic service(s) was/were provided. 

B. Applicant must be enrolled/attending an accredited college or institution. 

C. Applicant must be in an academic good standing with an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher. 

D. Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident with a permanent resident ID card. A copy of birth certificate is only required if applicant is selected. The birth certificate is NOT required at the time the application is submitted. Recipient will be notified. 

E. Applicant must be present for the organization’s Scholarship Ceremony to receive the award on October 16, 2021. A written letter must be submitted via email to the organization’s email address: and address to the voting board NLT 24hrs after the winner receives selection notification. The letter must explain the winner’s absence for the scholarship ceremony. The voting board will determine approval or disapproval of the request. The winner will be notified via phone and email of the board’s determination. The runner-up will receive the scholarship if the board disapproves the winner’s absence request.

F. Applicant must be willing to take a picture to upload on the organization’s website (Your picture will only be displayed for scholarship award purposes. Restoration & Purpose for Women, Inc. will not use your picture in any other capacity) 

Application Process

Applicant must submit the following items:

  1. Completed original application form (if hand-written, print legibly) and TWO copies of the packet
  2. Submit verification of enrollment from the college or university of attendance.
  3. Victim Service Provider/Agency verification letter
  4. Personal essay (Max: 600 words)
Apply for the Scholarship